Crystal Magick Secrets

Crystal healing stones to soothe, calm anxiety, and attract peace

Amethyst Specimens Owned and Photographed by the Author

What are the best crystal healing stones for beginners who want to calm the heck down? There are hundreds of crystals, minerals, and good old-fashioned rocks to choose from. Meanwhile, you might be a newer collector who found out just this minute that a rock is not the same thing as a mineral. Where do you start?

Mental overwhelm is never the primrose path to a stress-free existence. That’s why I like to start people off with three stones that are lower cost, easy to find, and even easier to work with. …

Birds as Pets

My Peach-faced Lovebird is throwing confetti and it’s probably because I’m so cool, right?

Peachfronted Lovebirds Shredding Paper, Yes, Male Lovebirds Shred Paper Too…
Peachfronted Lovebirds Shredding Paper, Yes, Male Lovebirds Shred Paper Too…
This Lovebird is so proud of this ribbon she made herself with tiny beaks at home / Photo by the Author of Author’s bird / All rights reserved

And, yes, to answer your question up front, male lovebirds shred paper too. My Peach-faced Lovebird could be a male. I’m just guessing. Since I don’t intend to breed her, I don’t need to know for sure.

This active little Lovebird has a wild origin story. In 2012, she was found after a hurricane swept through the Gulf Coast area. A traveling birder who chases storms in search of rarities spotted her scrapping with a Northern Mockingbird.

When he returned the next day, she was on the ground, so he performed a rescue and brought her to me. …

How many YouTube views does that get you if you’re one of them?

Lunar Model, Apollo
Lunar Model, Apollo
Lunar Excursion Model, Photo by the Author at US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama / My Photoshop edit too, so don’t laugh

The youngest man to walk on the moon, Apollo 16’s Charles Duke, is still sharing stories about his adventures in space. You can find a link below to one of Charlie’s appearances on Tommy’s PodCast and YouTube Channel.

“What’s a guy got to do if flying to the moon only gets you 2,328 views?” hubby asked.

It’s a question that makes you stop and think. Going viral obviously can’t be our only metric for success.

Disclosure: My husband is a frequent guest on Tommy’s PodCast where he reads and talks science fiction.


They’re either playing offense or defense

Photo of Sidewalk Garden in Montreal by the Author

About the fifth time, he says, “Well, everybody’s different but,” I finally bounce. What he’s saying is, “Everybody’s different but, right now, I’m only interested in talking to the people who aren’t.”

Fine. Bye. I won’t go away mad. I’ll just go away.

Well. Only a little mad.

Honestly, it’s time to retire the phrase. Much of the time, it has one purpose — to shut down the conversation. Everybody already knows everybody’s different. It can come across like you’re telling the other person you think they’re an idiot.

Everybody’s different, but you’re too clueless to notice that, so I…

The Psychology of Money

Pity the poor millionaire

Footprints in the snow all mixed together on the shores of Lake Superior
Footprints in the snow all mixed together on the shores of Lake Superior
Footsteps in the Snow Are Hard to Follow When They Wander Off in Ten Directions / Photo by the Author

In the early 1990s, at the dawn of the great expansion in the gambling industry, the state of Louisiana began a lottery. People didn’t really get how it worked, but they were eager to jump in.

In the fullness of time, a local lady from my parish won a million dollars. To her astonishment, she learned she was getting $40,000 a year for the next 25 years. Not, as she expected, a million dollars all in one chewy chunk.

In 1992, the average American income was $22,707, so you might imagine she could bumble along on that income just fine…

Birds Are Wildlife

It’s another abundant year for our Mockingbirds

Northern Mockingbird Photos by the Author on June 3, 2021

We’re already into overtime with the baby Northern Mockingbirds. A couple of brand new fledglings have appeared today. They caught my attention when I glanced out the window to see two new babies hunched together in the drizzle.

Shortly thereafter, an adult bopped by. The babies began to beg, and I grabbed a quick snapshot of the adult looking completely exasperated.

It’s going to be a long summer.

The story began here:

The first round (three young I observed working the blackberries) have now officially wiped out every berry:

Those guys are no longer being fed by the adults, but…

Artist’s conception UFO fleet
Artist’s conception UFO fleet
Artist’s Conception UFO invasion by Angela Harburn under Deposit Photo license

The importance of listening

Amethyst Qu

Author of “The Moldavite Message.” Seeker, traveler, birder, crystal collector.

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