“Do they think we don’t love our children?” The man asking was a creationist science denier. “They” were those who believe in science.

As a matter of fact, sir, that’s exactly what we think. Love is action, not just a nice feeling.

Photo & Typography by the Author / Blame nobody else for that alleged Neon Glow effect

I was too polite to say so aloud, but time has only reinforced my opinion.

Some years back, science identified several cancers spread by infectious HPV viruses. A shocking number of parents celebrated the news by denying their kids access to the vaccine that would protect them. With 80 million Americans already infected, those kids are pretty much condemned to be infected in their turn if they grow up to enjoy a normal sex life.

To me, that isn’t love.

VaxTeen has resources for teens being denied vaccines by their parents. Link



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