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  • Gemma Renee

    Gemma Renee

    I’m a traditionally published and self-published author, communications pro for a Fortune 500 company, wife, and mama bear.

  • Carol Labuzzetta

    Carol Labuzzetta

    Carol is a freelance environmental educator. She blogs daily about education, nature, travel, poetry & anything that inspires. Her new passion is writing.

  • Syra Madad

    Syra Madad

    Dr. Syra Madad is an internationally recognized public health leader and epidemiologist in infectious disease and special pathogens preparedness and response.

  • Brynn Tannehill

    Brynn Tannehill

    Naval aviator, senior defense analyst, nerd, trans, parent, and author of two books that have nothing in common with each other besides the author

  • Dean Brooks

    Dean Brooks

    Novelist. (https://deanbrooks.org/) I primarily write fiction. For non-fiction, I like a range of topics: business, investing, culture, technology, etc.

  • Sisyphus Bones

    Sisyphus Bones

    English Immigrant, Combat Veteran, Automation Engineer, Author

  • Jacqueline Ward

    Jacqueline Ward

    Bestselling writer from Manchester, UK — currently sharing how I got a book deal for my novel Teenage Kicks and the 10 month journey to publication

  • Marie Kester

    Marie Kester

    4x Top Writer. I enjoy word-related hobbies including reading, writing, and wordle. I write about books, movies, space, history, and anything else I love.

  • Chris Thompson

    Chris Thompson

    Seeking common ground in a divided world. I write on life, education and connection. Dad, husband, child of the water. Be kind.

  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Helping you navigate life in an age of democratic destruction, ecological collapse, and economic irrelevance. Free newsletter: www.surviving-tomorrow.com

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