Ghost Stories: I’ve Got a Few

Detail, “On Backdrop of Our Nights God with His Knowing Finger Traces a Multiform Implacable Nightmare” (1890) by Odilon Redon. Original from the National Gallery of Art. Public domain image via the good folks at Rawpixel. Lens flare filter is my fault.

In the spirit of the season, I’ve rounded up some of my ghost stories. Some fiction, some real. I guess if you never met a ghost, you figure they’re all fiction.

By the way, I don’t always throw open my comments for links, but if you have a ghost story on this platform, go ahead and feel free to add it here.

First, of course, we need a playlist to set the mood. Who better than Ghost Jason himself?

Listen to enough of that, and you start wondering how long we’ll be ghosts. Like, hundreds of years? Millions? I dunno, but I wrote this fic about it:

Here I dropped the thin veil of fiction and simply pulled some stuff out of my diary:

I have more ghost stories from my travels, and some of those ghosts aren’t as benevolent, so maybe I’ll dig them out sometime for your amusement.

Sometimes, it can be a thin line between ghosts and visions. I received this dream shortly after my very old bird passed quietly over the Rainbow Bridge. It felt like a message from him, but maybe it was more a message about him. Or about us:

Not really a ghost story, since we somehow avoided becoming ghosts, but here’s a spooky fic inspired by true events:

By the way, here’s the ad: I take tips here. They’re not required though. Now feel free to show me your spooky stuff.



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