Wow. Somebody really said this: " But in order for me to follow you, I need a pretty picture, a name that passes as a name, and a blurb.” So, in other words, they don't want to judge the work or the writing. They need a pretty picture, do they? Good to know. I looked them up to preemptively block that person so they won't be offended by my lack of a pretty face. Honestly...I'm so sick of the Facebook mentality of bigots who are so desperate to judge people by their looks even over the internet. My face is my business. Their desire to judge everyone on the basis of looks (age, gender, race, looks) is a bigotry you'd think they'd want to keep to themselves. You have to open the person's profile to block them & I noticed they styled themselves a mental health professional. In other words, they should have known better. Nobody should be made to feel obligated to post a photo online & surrender control of their own image.

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